Boat wars in Arizona

Morning was a bit fresh but still gorgeous! I didn’t quite understand why sky is all clear at night but when I need sun to recharge butteries it’s all clouded.

But there is no time to think about it today. Starting 7 am boat city is preparing for races. There are water-ski racing and boat ‘enduro’ racing. People polishing their shiny boats and engines but I’d rather check the engine cause there were many failures during the race. Those speed boats getting up to 80-100 miles an hour with skiers and up to 120 mph when just boats racing.

Everybody sitting and waiting for signal.

30 seconds before start skiers jump into the water and boats slowly moving forward to extend the lines. Once line is tight another signal is shown and boats roar and rapidly gaining speed.

I didn’t get the signals they show to each other. In the boat there is a observant who watches the skier. They show speed changes and turns, although I think speed should always be at max and there are 2 turns so no reason to show it every time. Same with skier — I’ve seen them showing to speed up which I thought should be default behavior since it’s a race.

The only place to show creativity is a turn. But there are two options really — fast and long curve or slow and sharp turn. But what do I know?

Looks like skiers are a bit bored. I have no doubts it’s much harder than it looks like, but there were relaxed most of the time with oen hand behind their back. BTW some of them are well over 60 years old!

Short brake and motors sound became impossible to handle — all those big blocks with bi-turbo are ready to race. Quiet outboard 250-300 hp engines don’t make noise but run as well as those monsters.