Coatepec, Veracruz

Today I’ve visited another Pueblo Magico in a new-to-me Veracruz state. The town itself is not too remarkable — quite standard Zocalo and a church. Coatepec famous for coffee plantations nearby and many coffee shops selling famous coffee made in Veracruz. Some of you know that I don’t drink coffee so I decided to go to Texolo waterfalls. That place is gorgeous!

The old bridge is pretty much destroyed and the new one was built by American Bridge Company New York in 1908.

After many-many steps you can reach a view point where you can stay forever watching waterfall and rainbow.

Just another church in Coatepec. Didn’t like the city mainly because of many beggers. They are everywhere in a fake fireman or police uniform, with a shovel near the tope where you slow down.

Tomorrow there will be a big coffee tour on a plantation and walk through the process of preparing the beans — don’t forget to check for updates 🙂

In the evening tried to reach Cofre de Perote mountain, but last 4 miles are horrible so turned back. Besides it got dark quickly.