Finally what I came for

Can’t get used to morning cold — it’s about 52F in the RV. I’m so cold by noon that I’m ready to leave to Mexico right now, but decided to check again radiator. The lid stuck and I had to use pliers and screwdriver, but when I opened it radiator was empty. Dilluted 0.5 gal of coolant to fill it up, but it wasn’t enough… Only after 2.5 gallons it became full. So if there was just half of engine coolant — did it cool the engine at all? How long there was nothing? I remember the gauge was in the middle at 210F and thought that’s how it should be, but now when it’s really filled it shows 155F. I knew it’s dripping from engine oil cooler system, but 2.5 gallons?

Wanted to get to Ajibikoka falls but my GPS was wrong — there is no road. Small trail instead but didn’t go et anywhere — it just ends in the middle of a forest. While driving along huge Gogebic lake noticed state park where usually they have dump station. Good spot and dump is free (with recreational passport).

Found another trail to hike and asked locals if there is a hill to overlook colorful forest. There is, they said, sbout 33 miles away (and then 33 back) so I wasn’t sure. Went ahead on the trail where no one hiked for at least a year — hardly noticeable path but trail markers where there so I could follow it at least. And voila — after 1.3 miles I got to perfect overlook — exactly what I was looking for! Took bunch of pictures and quite satisfied drove away. Bye, bye, Michigan, I’ll be back! Hello Wisconsin with Chequamegon park, be prepared to be explored :)/p>