Hovey lake and single track

Very cold but gorgeous morning. I was parked in the shadow so it was cold even at 11:30 but then I found out that’s it is pretty nice on the sun and went on a ride. There are few bike track in the Spur valley and when I got to the parking lot I found new track that looked interesting even on the map. 6.5 miles of hills and U-turns between trees with chipmunks throwing themselves under your wheels and spider web getting into your eye. Great track to ride! Totally recommended!

After I left Pictured Rocks area couldn’t miss the Whitefish Laughing waterfall — very enticing name.

Pedals on the bike are making noise again but I doubt Walmart will replace the whole bike one more time. I would probably have to fix it myself. Meanwhile I moved to Ottawa National Forest — my last big stop in Michigan. Despite weather thied kayak today and it’s actually not bad even solo in it.