Iowa and some cycling

Going from Minneapolis to Omaha to meet some old friends. For a change decided to go by the Interstate — faster and supposedly better mileage. But can’t tell you how boring it is… well, actually, you all know. Speed limit is 70 but I drive 52 (55 on speedometer, exactly 2000 rpm). One semi honked but it’s really not my fault he missed his chance to pass me without slowing down. And actually it’s good that I’m that slow — if speed difference would be 1-2 mph it would take him awhile to pass. Terrible side wind — have to steer all the time. Met some fellow RVers on the Rest stop and they confirmed the wind.

As planned I stopped half way in a small town in Iowa — Ames. As soon as I parked it started raining hard and was rainig all night. But morning was warm and sunny and I went for a ride around city 🙂

Glad to see nice parks and bike trails in every city I stop — either big or small.

Skunk river but there are racoons around.

When trail changed to stairs I’ve tried to go by the river but it was so muddy and trail so narrow I had to give up. Pic of my muddy tires is above.

New and old bridges… big brother watching you!