My new bus

So, I’ve been away for a month and apparently it was for good. While I was in the States I’ve seen an ad for beautifully priced diesel RV close to my home town in Mexico. My flight was in two weeks so I thought it’ll be gone by then, so didn’t bother much. When I got here RV was still on sale so I decided to take a look. In the middle of a jungle we found molded bus. Actually stuff was growing thru the engine! The worst thing is that there were termites living in it for a bit but the owner assured me it’s taken care of. Anyways I thought it’s too much toruble for money and declined the offer.

Couple of days later owner called me and asked to meet me. We spoke about weather for a bit and I asked what is the hassle about. He offered an RV for 60% of the original price, which was very cool. We went again but couldn’t start the engine, I still had some doubts so asked for some time to think, actually hoping someone else would buy it.

While I was thinking he called me with price of 35% from original asking price. We went again with big generator and coupld of battery charges and wfter a while started the engine. Idling was rough and low but it was working! Almost agreed on everything but last moment I touched the wall where termites were and they actually were there! So I strongly declined the offer and went away but got another offer of 25% 🙂 Couldn’t say no to that!

So I’m a happy owner of 40′ American Tradition diesel pusher 40VS!

Thanks to my brother and friends! 🙂

Spent the whole day today cleaning outside — looks much better now!