Pictured rocks lakeshore


Google images showed me awesome pictures of Pictured Rocks so I went to check them out. Couldn’t do all the way by bicycle — only foot travel is allowed on the trail. On the parking lot I noticed group of tourists with big backpacks and I laughed cause I thought the trail is just couple of miles. Apparently only lakeshore is about 70 miles long, but the trail which called North Country trail is about 4600 miles long!! One can walk from New York to North Dakota. I obviously didn’t go that far — 2 miles to the Lighthouse were just enough for today.

Waves, sandy beach with rocks, lighthouse — it must have been a sea! But no, fresh water and ‘lakeshore’ — it’s Lake Superior.

Long time ago people were throwing logs over those dunes so they can be picked up by the ships and taken whereever. There is a warning in the trail head — descending usually takes about 5 minutes but climbing back could take up to few hours depends on physical condition — trail is 500 feet and it goes 300 feet down. I decided not to check my condition 🙂

Although I rode 9 miles to see little falls and check how fast I can go on the bike — about 20.5 mph average speed — not bad for a mountain bike!

By the way everything is sable here — AU Sable Lighthouse, Sable Falls, Grand Sable lake. There is about million lakes around so I might get a chance to take my kayak out. The place I actually wanted to take a shot of is 15 miles away so will have to move my base (RV) closer and then take a ride/hike.