Alaska part 2, USA (july 2017)

Obviously we couldn’t possibly sleep on a road to Exit and not visit it. Serious elevation gain of 3840 feet and 10 miles of trail

Alaska part 1, USA (july 2017)

Can’t recall exactly why this happened but first place to visit after border crossing was Valdez, AK and nearby Worthington Glacier. There wasn’t too crowded

Montana, USA (july 2017)

Sweeping through almost the whole of Montana, we hit the land of wonders – the Glacier National Park, the size of which exceeds 4,000 square

Wyoming, USA (july 2017)

I receive reviews saying that I don’t post enough photos. I invite everyone to give a little more attention to viewing photos in this section

Colorado, USA (june 2017)

I’ve been to Colorado state few times already – in Mesa Verde NP, and in… hmm, jsut realized there isn’t many articles on my site

Arizona, USA (june 2017)

I’ve been to these bridges back in 2011 and I loved this place. Here I go again but I actually walked around a bit and

Nevada, USA (june 2017)

Visit to Nevada was short but fascinating. We ordered few things from Amazon to Amazon Locker in las Vegas. Surely we tried to avoid going

California, USA (june 2017)

We drove through Arizona almost without stopping and got to sunny California where my old motorhome was in storage. Barely visited Joshua tree national park,

New Mexico, USA (june 2017)

So, if you still remember my blog, we succesffully made it to USA and Texas in particular, where we got plates, thanks to my friends

Denali NP – Kantishna tour

Yesterday we took quite popular tour to Kantishna point, which is only 51 bucks per person. It’s 92.5 miles (12-13 hrs) to that point, most