Transatlantic trip (June 2019)

SO we have left Bermudas at around 6pm after completing all the customs procedures. For no reason I still was optimistic about our trip, perhaps I didn’t remember at the moment my tirp from Azores to Madeira couple of years ago, when I was laying half-dead in the cockpit checking around for ships. Couple of […]

DIY with RV – Replacing limit switch / Atwood 8535

So, at some point (of course that was a coldest part of our trip in Yellowstone) furnace (Atwood 8535-III) started blowing cold air only. After reading numerous articles/forums/manuals I started troubleshooting and found out that limit switch (don’t confuse it with sail switch) is not working, therefore blocking furnace from firing up. To make sure […]

Denali, Alaska part 3, USA (august 2017)

Denali (or McKinley) is the highest mountain in North America, rising to 20,310 feet above sea level. It is also the third mountain in the world for isolation. It is also the main attraction of the Denali National Park in Alaska. Since ancient times, the mountain was called Denali (in translation from the language of […]

Alaska part 2, USA (july 2017)

Obviously we couldn’t possibly sleep on a road to Exit and not visit it. Serious elevation gain of 3840 feet and 10 miles of trail walking took us almost 4 hours and we are walking fast! Those two cuties were main attraction and we spent good 40 minutes hunting for pictures 🙂 Very interesting rock […]

Alaska part 1, USA (july 2017)

Can’t recall exactly why this happened but first place to visit after border crossing was Valdez, AK and nearby Worthington Glacier. There wasn’t too crowded and nice trail headed towards the glacier so we took a hike. A bit tired of sitting in a bus (yeah, it’s 300 miles from the border). Lovely views of […]

Yukon, Canada (july 2017)

Forgot to tell, that at some point after Waterton lake we stop by some town to fix windshields. Somehow it got out of the gasket (even before I bought it) and as most attentive readers noticed the front of the bus is always covered with duck tape. Finally we found a place to fix them […]

Alberta, Canada (july 2017)

Crossing the border did not take long, although the customs officer was curios about circumstances of Russian meeting Argentinian on an American bus on his way to Canada. We decided not to go too far since our goal destination was Canadian part of the Glacier National Park – Waterton lakes National Park. The first photo […]

Montana, USA (july 2017)

Sweeping through almost the whole of Montana, we hit the land of wonders – the Glacier National Park, the size of which exceeds 4,000 square kilometers. (it’s like the whole of New Moscow and St. Petersburg combined), the park has more than 130 named lakes (totaling more than 700), 200 waterfalls and 37 glaciers, which, […]

Wyoming, USA (july 2017)

I receive reviews saying that I don’t post enough photos. I invite everyone to give a little more attention to viewing photos in this section than usual. Try to feel this smell, imagine these colors, hear the sounds. The Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks are absolutely unique places on earth. Grand Teton is named after […]

Colorado, USA (june 2017)

I’ve been to Colorado state few times already – in Mesa Verde NP, and in… hmm, jsut realized there isn’t many articles on my site about CO! I’ll have to get back to it! Well I’ve been to Denver, and in the mountains, and even at endura race in 2009 🙂 Anyhow, this time we […]

Arizona, USA (june 2017)

I’ve been to these bridges back in 2011 and I loved this place. Here I go again but I actually walked around a bit and got to a better view point. The weather is always great here. Is it raining at all? Also we got back to Grand Canyon were I was less than a […]

Nevada, USA (june 2017)

Visit to Nevada was short but fascinating. We ordered few things from Amazon to Amazon Locker in las Vegas. Surely we tried to avoid going to the Strip on a motorhome so ordered to 7/11 store somewhere on the outskirts and few things from eBay to USPS office general delivery. One sunny day we got […]

California, USA (june 2017)

We drove through Arizona almost without stopping and got to sunny California where my old motorhome was in storage. Barely visited Joshua tree national park, aiming for a sunset but missing 40 miles of curvy road to the actual Joshua tree valley, but stayed overnight in a campground for sunrise. In the morning we got […]

New Mexico, USA (june 2017)

So, if you still remember my blog, we succesffully made it to USA and Texas in particular, where we got plates, thanks to my friends Kate, Kevin and Sash. Now we need to get to old motorhome, take everything we need from there and sell it. Southwind was waiting for us in Los Angeles 1500 […]

Denali NP – Kantishna tour

Yesterday we took quite popular tour to Kantishna point, which is only 51 bucks per person. It’s 92.5 miles (12-13 hrs) to that point, most of it is gravel road but in a pretty good condition. Taking into account road condition, traffic (a lot of tour buses here) and stops to see wildlife – 6 […]